Gramshree Agri Services Pvt Ltd

Market Need (What problem /need are you solving and how big is the problem?)*

Gramshree Kisan is a technology based one stop solution in Animal Husbandry and Fishery which brings Training, Trading, Technology and Treatment under a single integrated platform. The objective of Gramshree Kisan is to create livelihood, employment, self-employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for small famers, rural youth and women. With the increase in population, landholdings are getting smaller. 80% of the farmers are small or marginal farmers having landholdings less than one or two hectares .With the increase in labour cost, input cost and dependency on Climate conditions Agriculture has become a costly affair for farmers. Seeing the constraints and challenges of farmers , Gramshree Kisan has developed low cost economy enterprise models in dairy,goatery,poultry and fishery to diversify the farmers and youth into Animal Husbandry and Fishery which can be carried over a small area of land as small as 600 square feet ,with lesser cost involved and has a potential of increasing the income manifold. Every household in the Rural part is engaged with dairy , goatery, poultry or fishery but people are treating this as a domestic practice. Due to lack of knowledge and low adaptation to technology, unavailability of quality livestock, inputs, veterinary services, financial assistance ,access to market and other extension services, animal husbandry and fishery remain to be an attractive sector. Gramshree Kisan is providing end to end handholding support to farmers and creating rural micro-entrepreneurs in Animal Husbandry and Fishery.

Solution (What is the solution and how it address the problem/need?)*

The company has developed a mobile Application “Gramshree Kisan” that promotes Animal Husbandry and Fishery by providing all the services under one roof through the online channel and Call Centre Team backed up with Veterinary doctors and Fishery Experts. The mobile application is supported by micro Entrepreneur led Agri Business Centres at Block/Panchayat/Village Level to ensure last mile delivery. These micro Agri Business Centres are supported by Master Agri Business Centre located at Patna .

The aim of Gramshree Kisan is to become the most trusted supplier of healthy livestock and Quality Inputs. The core idea behind Gramshree Kisan has always been trying to resolve issues with Dairy, Goatery, Poultry and Fish Farming ecosystem through modern technology by bringing together the entire list of Animal Husbandry and Fishery Value Chain offerings under a single integrated platform. The technology-based business-to-farmers(B2F) platform offers full stack Animal Husbandry and Fishery services, including quality breed of cows, buffaloes, goat, chicks and fish seed, distribution of high quality inputs, technology tools and equipments, customized farm advisory, veterinary services and extension services at reasonable rates, access to financial services ,and market linkages. However, the primary focus is to bring new age tech to Indian farmers and educate them on the usage of the same whilst simultaneously making it affordable through a variety of plans.


Gramshree Kisan has developed low cost enterprise economy models in dairy , goatery, poultry and fishery for small farmers . In Fishery, with an investment of just 27 thousand over a land of just 600 square feet, a farmer can make a pond and can earn a profit of more than 40000 in just 7 months. Similary, with just 5 goats, with an investment of 25000, a farmer can start goat rearing in just 100 square feet of land and can earn a profit of around 50000 annually. Similary , with just 100 hen, in an area of 200 square feet , with an investment of 18000 a farmer can earn a profit of 15000 monthly. And , in dairy with just two cows , a farmer can earn an income of 1 lac annually. We ensure this is happening by providing end to end handholding support to farmers through our AGRI BUSINESS CENTREs offline and online through GRAMSHEE KISAN MOBILE APPLICATION which is supported by a full- fledged Call Centre backed up by Veterinary Doctors and Fishery Experts.

1)AGRI-BUSINESS CENTREs -Infrastructure and Central Warehouse-

The c deompany has developed an AGRI BUSINESS CENTRE spread across 2 acres of land in Beldarichak, Punpun Block, Patna with residential facility of 300 people at a time with dairy,goatry,poultry farms and fishery ponds for training and practical demonstration of technology tools & equipments. It serves as a Central Warehouse for livestock and inventory, Veterinary Clinic, Marketplace at the same centre under one umbrella.

2) Dairy,Goatry,Poultry and Fishery as an enterprise-

 Building sustainable & scalable economy enterprise models in Animal Husbandry and Fishery by bringing 4T’s which is Trading , Training, Treatment & Technology under a single integrated platform.

3) Low Cost Economy ModelsDevelopment of Low Cost Economy Models like 600 sq feet,1000 sq feet and 2000 square feet pond culture, 10+1 Goat farm, 2,4 Cattle dairy farm,100 hen poultry farms with best utilization of agricultural land or even in backyards of houses diversifying the income of farmers , reducing the production cost and increasing the productivity.

4) Aggregating the Technology: Aggregating the technology and best practices being used in Dairy, Goatry,Poultry and Fishery from all the nook and cranny of India or globally.

5) Entrepreneur led training and extension: The project proposes an entrepreneur led training and extension modality. This modality will supplement the last mile delivery capabilities .

6) Mobile Applications- Have developed mobile Application” Gramshree Kisan” for  supporting Agri Business Centre to ensure digital inclusion and last mile delivery.

7) Development of a cadre of Animal Health Workers and Fishery Transformation Agents: This will develop a community cadre of Animal Health Workers and Fishery transformations agents providing consultancy & extension services to the end user through hyper local distribution stores.

8) Digital Extension delivery: Extension delivery to the smallholders remains a major challenge for the line departments. This will be addressed by developing user friendly technology. Producer relevant extension message will be generated and sent to the farmers and community extension workers through featured phones.

9) Credit and Mutual Insurance: Credit linkages and Insurance of small livestock is not practiced by the producers due to the difficulties involved in settlement of claims by the insurers. Low level of claim settlement is due to high prevalence of bogus claims from the producers. As a result, large number of disciplined producers are not able to access insurance service. The project intends to develop an insurance mechanism within the PGs and FPOS managed for the members and by the members.

income enhancement and nutrition security requirements of the rural households.

10) Innovative branding and promotion for Agri Business Centre for promotion of Dairy ,Goatry, Poultry and Fishery products through offline and online Marketing Channels.

Social Impact


1)Creation of livelihood , employment , self-employment and micro-entrepreneurship opportunities for farmers ,youth and women

2)Per hectare production improved by 50%  to 100%

3)Increase in income of farmers by 50% to 100%

4)Increase in sub-sector development for agriculture 

5)Gap in availability of  quality livestock inputs reduced by 30% to 60% ̧

6)Increased food and nutritional security

7)Market linkage for the backward and forward integration will be ensured with competitive market

8)Additional employment generated due to increased intensity of farming ̧

9)Benchmark minimum wage rate for labour

10)Reduction in migration


1)Social capital built in the form of FPOs

2)Improved gender relations and decision

3)Making of women farmers enhanced in FIG & FPOs – by giving them board member positions

4)Institutional viability

5)Increased bargaining power for input purchase and output marketing

5)Reduced social conflicts and risks andenhanced welfare at the household level

6)Improved food and nutritional values

7)Leadership role of producers in technology absorption ̧

8)Positive health and nutrition impact on consumers ̧

9)Environment- carbon credit

Rewards & Recognitions

  • NATIONAL AWARD- SIWAA-STREE ONE INDIA WOMEN ACHIEVEMENT AWARD 2022 from Bihar,Founder and CEO of Gramshree Kisan- Mrs. Aastha Singh is graced with the title * Stree One India Woman of the Soil for her marvellous contribution to the field of Agriculture.
  • Awarded as the Best Social and Impact Enterprise for FY2021-22 by Sanmarg Business Awards sponsored by Mumbai Angels Network.
  • Incubated by UPAYA SOCIAL VENTURES and YSB Accelerator 2021-2022.
  • Incubated by ICAR-IARI- PUSA KRISHI for FY2022-23.
  • Gramshree has been empanelleds as a consultant/consulting firms with NFDB for technical and Managerial support services in Fisheries and Aquaculture.
  • Selected to represent India as a women Entrepreneur in US Fortune.(7th May ‘23 to 27th May’23)
  • Awarded as Top Women Entrepreneur in Bihar by US Consulate.
  • Speaker at TEDx (took place n 17th Feb’23 in Patna.
  • Speaker at JOSH TALKS (took place on 25th Feb’23) in Patna.